About us


My name is Galit .

After many years of working in the fashion industry, I fulfilled the dream of opening my own place to host the treasures I have found in my searches from around the world.

Our beautiful, high-end Vintage designer’s boutique, Love Me Two Times, was opened in the old district of Jaffa in 2014 . 

Now, thanks to the great demand, we have launched our Online Store. 

Flying on a monthly basis to hand-pick the prettiest, hottest and most extraordinary fashion items around, I fulfil my mission of making the top designers affordable and accessible to anyone. 

No more dreaming of a Gucci bag or fantasizing about a Prada dress while flipping through Vogue magazine, you can now find it on our Online Store!

And, if you are able to physically visit our shop, along with finding the most unique and desirable items, you will also be treated to “a complete styling experience.” As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion may fade, but Style is eternal.“ 

Lastly, as an expression of our work’s passion, we 100% guarantee the authenticity of all items, to ensure you have the best shopping experience possible.


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