Order cancellation/exchange

Order cancellation/exchange

1.1. We take great care to ensure that the products displayed on our website are of good quality and that they are shipped in a way that will guarantee that they arrive to their destination undamaged and intact, and therefore order cancellation and product returns will be possible in accordance with the conditions stipulated in this Terms of Use Agreement and in accordance with the 1981 Dealer Protection Law.

1.2. In the event of order cancellation that takes place before shipping, the order will be completely cancelled.

1.3.   Order cancellation that takes place after the product has been shipped through any of the shipping methods that have been noted above must be done within 2 days from the day the order was placed and will be subject to the conditions stipulated in the Dealer Protection Law and in this Terms of Use Agreement.

2.1. Exchanges – it is possible to exchange a product within 7 days from the day that the product is received. After 7 days, is not possible to make exchanges.

2.2. The conditions for cancelling / exchanging a product

2.2.1. A cancellation request must be made within 2 days and an exchange request must be made within 7 days. 

2.2.2. You must contact our customer service department and notify us of your request to cancel / exchange the product, and you must likewise email this request to [email protected] .

2.2.3. The product must be shipped to the return address that will be provided to you by our customer service department, with the product being in brand new condition, without having been used, and with the original tags attached to it.

2.2.4.   When cancelling / exchanging an order, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of returning the product and ensuring that it is shipped to and received by LoveMeTwoTimes. If you have not cancelled / exchanged your product within the stipulated timeframe you will not have any claim for cancelling / exchanging said product.

2.3. You may not cancel / exchange a product that has been specifically custom made / tailored for you at your request.

2.4.In instances when your cancellation / exchange is approved as per this Terms of Use Agreement, your payment will be credited for an amount no greater than the amount for which you were charged. LoveMeTwoTimes reserves the right to deduct from this amount any shipping and operational costs associated with said order.

2.5. Shipping costs, operational costs, taxes / customs fees, etc., that are associated with the product being returned must all be paid for at your expense.

2.6. Your payment will be credited to you through the same payment method that the initial payment was processed only after the product has been received undamaged and intact by LoveMeTwoTimes within the timeframe that has been stipulated above.


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